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Walking with you toward a flourishing, authentic life. 

Eudaimonia | you·​dye·​moh·​nia  



2: Aristotelianism : a life of activity governed by reason

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Eudaimonia Counseling and Consultation. 

Aristotle defined “eudaimonia” as happiness within the context of having a flourishing, fulfilling life. Traditional “happiness” can be  fleeting. Eudaimonia is deep-rooted and more stable.


It is a state of being.


I believe that therapy should be easily accessible to anyone, anywhere. I understand that life can be busy stressful, and I use Telehealth to allow you to heal within the comfort of your own space. 

I am licensed in the states of Nevada and Pennsylvania. I have 10 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults heal from anxiety and trauma. I have expertise in suicide and crisis assessment, although, if severe, these concerns may require linkage to more intensive supports

I have facilitated trainings and presentations both virtually and in-person. Topics included overall mental health and wellness, suicide prevention, and using Telehealth in community agencies. I am a certified trainer in Mental Health for Juvenile Justice. 

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Sometimes life is scary...

Anxiety is a normal response to potential danger. It is an internal alarm that keeps us safe. The problem is when that alarm malfunctions and gets in the way of our daily lives. I use an eclectic, person-centered approach, with main focus on cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques to help you learn how to have your anxiety without your anxiety having you.

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Mental health is health!

I am passionate about making mental health education easily accessible. The Eudaimonia Blog contains insights, tips, and tricks to help you learn about your mental health and improve your quality of life-- completely free! 


Spreading the word...

I love sharing what I have learned in my 10-year journey of helping others overcome obstacles to a fulfilling life. If you want to spread mental health awareness in your workplace or community, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to discuss pricing and availability. 

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